Recycling for Ronald McDonald


Marissa Homan

The Junior High student council is holding the Soda Tab drive until May 5th, with a prize for the SH and JH ram time that collects the most. The tabs we collect as a school are donated to the Ronald McDonald House to help support families with hospitalized children. Though in some classrooms it hasn’t gotten quite as much attention. It is understandable that for some of our students, it might be hard to have collected soda tabs since we may have never thought even to save them. The timing the student council has set for the drive specifically allows students the opportunity to start collecting the tabs they use, rather than just expecting them to have them lying around. A problem that occurs over the stretch of time is that most people will forget about the drive after the first week of reminders dies off. Then it just seems repetitive if it appears on the announcements every day.

The Ronald McDonald House Charity isn’t as well known by our Penns Valley students either. Their mission is to lessen the burden on families with critically injured or ill children. Since being founded in 1985 by Dr. Audrey Evans, the RMHC has helped thousands of families struggling while dealing with hospitalized kids that need care. The best place for these children isn’t always close to their homes, so the RMHC also helps find housing for the parents that allows them to be nearby. If you would like to learn more click on Ronald McDonald House to get to their “About Us” page.

As a school, we are furthering a cause that helps the community. When you see soda tabs outside of school, remember there are families we are helping that could use your kind donations and all it takes is adding it to the jar in your ram time.