The Beautiful ‘Sakura’ Cherry Tree Blossoms




    In spring down in Washington D.C, they hold a festival for when the cherry trees bloom, but have you ever wondered why this came to be? Well, cherry trees are initially from Japan and Western Asia. There are many different quotes about these cherry tree flowers, and one of them is, “Look at the cherry blossoms! Their color and scent fall with them are gone forever. Yet mindless, the spring comes again. This poem is by a Buddhist monk and poet named Ikkyū who was Japanese. Sakura means flowering or blooming.” When cherry trees bloom, the flowers are pink and beautiful to look at and admire.

   These trees only blossom towards the last week of March and the first or second week into April. These trees are so unique that the people in Japan host a festival on March 27th known as “Sakura No Hi” (Cherry Blossom Day), this festival was established in 1992. At this festival they go and spend time with family and friends, organize picnics, enjoy food, drink sake/alcohol, and eat sweet treats, they celebrate being together at the beginning of spring. But, do not let the name fool you, even though they are called cherry trees, edible cherries do not grow. And even though they do not grow edible cherries, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat anything from the trees. You eat the petals from the trees and make tea with them too! This tea is called “Sakurayu” it is a traditional drink often enjoyed at parties or weddings. And an interesting fact that you probably didn’t know is that there are over 600 different types of cherry blossom species in Japan. Lastly, the people in Japan believe that cherry blossoms represent how fragile and beautiful life is. Even now they are considered to represent hope, beauty, and new life. Which most should be celebrated.

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