Pool for Penns’ Valley


This image shows a school that has a pool and this is what Penns Valley could have. Texas school Pool

Abagail Hagelgans

Many people know that Penns Vally High School would benefit from a pool, not just for the students but for the teachers as well. Getting a pool for Penns Valley High School can be a risky and expensive adventure, but it could also be helpful to prepare the students for the future and help improve their health. Although there are many pros and cons to getting a pool for a school. The positives should outweigh the negatives. 

Getting a pool can help us with our future by supplying us with jobs, and that alone can help us develop leadership skills and know what we want in life. There are many health benefits that come from swimming. For an example, swimming increases your heart rate which helps strengthen your heart. It’s also a great way for students to relieve stress which will help them focus more in class.  A quote that Doctor Mireille Guiliano once said is “Doctors recommend swimming for the heart, the back the morale, and the waistline”.

    Currently, the  Penns Valley swim team travels to State College each day for practice. Having a pool here at the high school would eliminate the need to bus students there each day for practice. On the weekends the school could offer swim lessons to the Penns Valley community.  This is certainly not all the benefits of having a pool at the high school, but just the beginning.

A swimming pool for Penns Valley High School has many pros but when looking at two sides it’s important to talk about the cons of having a pool at the school. One of the cons of building a pool is all the costs involved in building and finding a place to put the pool, also maintaining the pool is a hard task it takes time to learn about pool health. It’s also a big risk that people will not use the pool during school or on the weekends.  

After, reviewing all the pros and cons of building a  pool at Penns Valley High School you can see that a pool will benefit students in many ways. But any big decision may have its downfalls too. So next time you swim in any school just think about all the amazing opportunities we could provide for Penns Valley as well.