St. Patrick’s day

St. Patricks day

 Many have heard about the legend of the leprechaun but few have heard of the leprechaun of the Penns Valley High School. It is a mysterious creature that does not show its face to the high school students. But, despite this, I have found this deceptive creature and find it quite intriguing. Though clever, deceptive, and cunning, it is just over a foot tall making it easy to hide but hard to fight or cover ground. There is also the subject of magic. Like other leprechauns, this specimen is able to use magic. Making him hard to get acquainted to when he is constantly using magic to stop you from getting near him. He resides behind the milk machine below the stairs, which are below the 7th-grade hallway near the gym, in a little hole. But, since being found the whilly old leprechaun has erected all sorts of magical traps that can be used to snare the unwary. Like magic ropes thin as string but strong as steel designed to contain intruders, guardians that will punt you out and send you reeling, and the leprechaun himself. But, if you somehow manage to get through all that, you will have to grab the pot of gold that the leprechaun possesses and run out of there. Did I mention that the only way to get to all of that is to drill into the wall? So next time you go leprechaun hunting be wary of everything. -That’s all from PV media