Are you on a hunt for something to do during your weekend, you should consider coming to Calvery which is a church in Millheim. At Calvery, they are on a journey to encounter Jesus. 

Calvery also hosts fun events such as a three-day summer camp, a pizza party on the first Sunday of the month, and an Easter egg hunt every Easter. 

There are Calvery churches all over center county. There is one in Lewistown, Harvest Feilds, Tyrone, and Millheim, and there is even an online Calvery.

Every Wednesday, in Harvest Fields, a youth group meets from 6:30 to 8:30. They have retreats, games, campfires, and more. You can go there if you are a 6th-grade or older teen.

At Calvery, you also have the opportunity to serve in kid’s ministry, on the worship team, or in the sound booth. If you like little kids, you can work in the nursery. If you like singing, you can sing on the worship team. There are so many opportunities at Calvery!

So if you are bored on a Sunday and you are wondering what to do, you should stop by Calvery at 9:30. It is a great opportunity to meet Jesus. Come to Calvery!!!