Taylor Swift Fans Debate Breakup Rumors


Rebekah Gillespie

At exactly 7 PM (EST) on Saturday, April 8, ET posted a shocking article, claiming long-term couple, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up after nearly 7 years together. As the news spread, more outlets were talking about the alleged breakup.
The news quickly spread to social media, where fans of Swift were quick to brush off the rumors, insisting that it was just that, rumors.

Swift has released 5 albums since being with Alywn, all with many songs that seem to be about him, and he is even credited as a writer for many of the songs on several of the albums, so understandably, fans are struggling to accept this may be true. Some feel it is to take away from her success from her Eras Tour. Others feel it as inaccurate as other speculations that have happened recently surrounding the artist–rumors of an engagement, secret marriage, and even pregnancy–were also found not to be true. Some say they won’t believe anything until Swift herself confirms. Talking to long-term Swiftie, Evelyn Powell about the rumors, she had this to say, “I don’t believe it. And I don’t support feeding delusions. If it is true, however; expect me to cry. And for longer than usual.”

Fans who believe the rumors counter the denial with the fact that this is how celebrities reveal big news explaining they have their team go directly to different outlets and tell them they are to release this story on a specific date. They also bring up the fact that the news broke the one weekend Swift has no tour dates, which seems intentional. Not to mention, Alywn has not been seen at any of Swift’s shows since the tour has begun.

While there is still speculation in the air about Swift’s relationship status, most agree no one should push too hard to figure it out and just support Swift on her tour.