Top 5 Cracker Snacks


Whether it’s Goldfish, graham crackers, or Cheez-its we have all had cracker snacks. They are staples of childhood and continue to be excellent snacks, but there are only five that truly stand out. These snacks are the elite of the elite snacks.

Number five, Scooby Snacks are the snack that when they come around, they’re a treat but you can’t have them every day so they are lower on the list. At number four is Animal Crackers, an absolute classic it’s hard to go wrong with animal crackers however after an abundance of them they get just a little bland so they are at four. Now we get a little more in-depth the top three are remaining.

I asked Hayden Houser, a Penns Valley senior, what his top three cracker snacks are. He responded, ” Cheez-its number one, Goldfish number two, and Pretzel Crisps at number three.” I only slightly agree with this list but we’ll get into that later. At number three we got Goldfish, just regular old goldfish they’re good, they don’t make a mess, they’re reliable, and taste good. At a surprising number two Triscuits, these slap harder than your Mom after you say a bad word. Triscuits are unique, not only are they good alone but they’re good with spreading or toppings too. However, where I agree with Hayden is that number one is Cheez-its. Cheez-its are simple, flavorful, and timeless. Whether it is original or extra toasty, they never get old and they’re perfect for any occasion. The best cracker snack is Cheez-its.