Penns Valley JH football takes on Clearfield.

Taylor Bumgardner

Thursday September 5th,2019

JH Penns Valley rams take on the Clearfield Bison. In the first quarter Penns Valleys,Mason Greene,scores the first touchdown of the half. Late in the first half, number 22 for the Bison scores there first touchdown. That’s when the game start to get better.

In the second quarter, the Bison scored another touchdown to make the score 14-7. Also in the Penns Valleys,Kollin Brungart gets taken out for a personal foul and didn’t play for the rest of the game.The Rams got close to the end zone but the Bison held them till the end of the quarter.

In the third quarter the Bison score yet another touchdown to make the score 21-7. You could tell that the Rams were starting to get tired from the game before this one but, they still help the Bison off from getting another touchdown that quarter.

In the fourth quarter the Bison scored there last touchdown of the game to make the final score 28-7. In the beginning of the fourth quarter Penns Valleys,Rylin Loner,gets cleated and stepped so he couldn’t play the rest of the game.

This JH Penns Valley Football teams schedule. September 12th vs Bald Eagle @ BEA,September 19th vs Central @ Central,Wednesday September 25th vs Huntingdon @ home,Thursday October 10th vs Bellefonte @ home,Thursday October 17th vs Juniata @ home,Thursday October 24th vs Tyrone @ home, and lastly Thursday October 31st(Halloween)vs Philipsburg-Osceola @ Philipsburg.

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Reminder: The 27th of September is the Homecoming game(Varsity) vs Middwest @ home for Penns Valley, The Homecoming dance is Saturday,September 28th.

Make sure to check out the Varsity footballs MaxPreps for upcoming games and scores of games.

Remember it’s a great day to me a Ram!!