What harm can they cause. They are people just like us, and have feelings just like us.

Katie-Wan-Kenobi, Me

Do you think it’s cool to be a jerk and say racist things as a joke? Well, it’s not. You can seriously hurt someone, or put them in an uncomfortable position. Why would you think it’s funny to look down on someone for something they can’t control? I can’t wake up and wish to be blonde. Black people can’t wake up and wish to be white. Anyway, why would they want to? They are beautiful and anyone who says otherwise should change the way they see. I got made fun of for my hair color, but I can’t imagine how they must feel to be discriminated against because of their race and skin color. 

They represent how far they’ve come every time they show their face. They are so strong, but our discrimination against them is not making them stronger. This needs to stop here and now! Why would you try to make someone feel small, feel they are lesser? Why would you make someone not want to come to school? The amount of racism I here and then someone says “Oh, it’s just a joke.” NO ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is not acceptable. How would you feel if I said, Your so dumb you can’t spell the words Ailuropoda melanoleuca, but then I said oh it’s just a joke. No, now I have hurt your feelings and you are mad and won’t take it’s just a joke as an apology. It’s not ok, and it has to stop.