My Farewell


Skylar Fleshman

I never thought this day would come in a million years. I know everyone says school flies by but I didn’t realize that it actually did. I feel like just yesterday I was a 7th grader so excited to be at the high school for the first time. Now I am a senior with three days left until I graduate. 

I have made many memories in this school with friends, teachers, and administrators. I will miss screaming in the student section, participating in school spirit days,  and laughing with my friends during class. All of the little things like turning in my last essay for Mrs. Miller, or performing my last drama play with Ms. Farrant. All these things mean so much to me and have made me who I am today. Mrs. Troxell once said, “We feel like we need to record everything but sometimes we just need to put that phone down and live in the moment.”

Some advice I have for the younger classes is really enjoy it. Some days can be tough and stressful but you should also find something positive in each day. Don’t stress about assignments just split them up and do one thing at a time. It makes your life a lot less stressful. Finally, be involved in as much as you can. Go to sporting events, join clubs, and make new friends. The more involved you are in the school the more fun it is. These things help make memories that you will have for a lifetime. 

High school can be hard, but it has been so much fun throughout the years. I am so glad that I get to call Penns Valley my high school. This is Skylar Fleshman signing off!