Graduating Seniors


Rebekah Gillespie

Graduation is on Friday, June 2nd. The seniors will be celebrated starting at 6:30 and will officially end their high school careers. The weeks leading up to graduation have been jampacked with various activities, including award ceremonies, prom, baccalaureate, the senior trip, and more. All leading up to graduation. The seniors are stirring, ready to be done with it all. But once they are gone, someone has to take their place to be the new senior class: the class of 2024. When asked about becoming a senior, Evelyn Powell had this to say, “I am very much looking forward to being a senior. I am sick of high school. I am very sad so many of my friends are leaving this year. I will miss them a lot, but I’m happy I can leave soon.”
In the upcoming school year, these new seniors themselves will have a lot to do to prepare for either college or entering the workforce, just as all of the seniors before them. Contrary to popular belief, senior year is not the walk in the park many make it seem to be. You still have all of your classes, oftentimes difficult ones, on top of applying to colleges or jobs. There’s a lot of planning that you do not consider until you have to do it. As the seniors move on and new come to take their place, they have to remember that now is not the time to give up because just because you’re almost done, doesn’t mean you are done.