Joe Jonas and Brothers Making Everyone Happy in Happy Valley


Joe Jonas on the sidelines of Beaver Stadium at Penn State’s season-opener against Idaho last weekend

Lydia Collison

UNIVERSITY PARK – It is no secret that Joe Jonas is a fan of the Penn State area. Joe was seen last weekend on Beaver Stadium’s sidelines chatting with players and leading chants at the Penn State football home opener against Idaho. Back in April, head coach James Franklin offered the member of the recently reunited Jonas Brothers band to join him on the sidelines of a game and there is no surprise that when Joe was in the area, he took Franklin up on the offer.

Following Joe’s barstool competition to find the best college bar, he and his brothers paid a memorable visit to the alleged winner, Champs, a famous bar in downtown State College in April. Joe originally became introduced to the bar when his manager took him to Champs to celebrate his 21st birthday. Their surprise visit included a playing a personal concert for all in attendance while providing drinks “on them.” They returned to the bar last week on Wednesday after their Happiness Begins tour which they performed at the Bryce Jordan Center.

During their performance, Joe’s brother and bandmate Nick said, “Penn State has a special place in our hearts, for many reasons, one of those being, this is where our manager grew up.”

Phil McIntrye, the brother’s manager, and a Penn State alumni himself, has had the band visit his hometown on multiple occasions, leading to their growing love of Happy Valley. At the end of their concert Wednesday, the brother’s held up their glasses, “A toast; to the happiest place in the world,” Nick Jonas said.

Happy Valley hopes to have Joe and his brother’s return in the future to Penn State, and to the bar where it all began.