Video of Kid Holding other Kid’s Hand goes Viral

Carllee Simco

It was Conners first day of second grade. His mother was worried he would get overwhelmed.

He was waiting for the doors to the school to open. When he got away from his personal aid.

See, all kids with autism are different some can talk others can’t, some don’t like noise and others have trouble looking others in their eyes.

Children with autism have different abilities like art skills and being super smart.

While Conner stood at the door lost and crying his classmate Christian Moore happened to look at him.

“Instead of overlooking him as most kids would have, he (Christian) just reached over, grabbed his hand and made my son’s day better,”

Christian’s mom, Courtney, happened to take a photo of his great act of kindness. Her son walked conner into Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary School, she wrote in a now-viral Facebook post.

“It is an honor to raise such a loving, compassionate child!” said Moore she knows that this school year was started off greatly.

When Conner came home that afternoon, he told his mom that he had a great first day. He liked his new friends and his teacher,  and he did not mention that he had gotten upset at the start of the day. She didn’t know about her son’s interaction with Christian until she saw the photo a few days later.

The boys had been in classes together before this year, but they didn’t know each other well. Now, they are inseparable.

Conner and Christian sit together at lunch and play together at recess. Christian went to their house one weekend, and the pair played for an hour and a half without an argument. She said is unusual for her son. Conner has been asking his mom when Christian can come spend the night.

The lesson is to remember that everyone is struggling with something that might be invisible to those around them.