Restore Pennsylvania


Makenzie Lamey

Lately, there has been a higher amount of our usual rainfall. A lot of rain can impact Pennsylvania’s number one threat which is flooding.

Tom Wolfe came up with a plan at a press conference on Wednesday in Bellefonte. Many county officials gathered here to discuss how the plan could affect everyone. Randy Padfield stated, “We know that Pennsylvania is one of the most flood-prone states.” and “We know that we deal with flooding on a regular basis.” Padfield is worried about the safety of everyone. He gathered information from Pennsylvania’s flooding events from back to nineteen ninety- three. He figured out ninety-four percent of the floods occurred outside of an established floodplain.

Not all flooding events meet the reason to receive federal disaster funding. Over five thousand two hundred Pennsylvania homes were either damaged or destroyed by a flooding disaster. The Restore Pennsylvania funds would be going to the people who didn’t make the requirements for federal disaster funding. Many small disasters don’t get any funding and clean the town up themselves for weeks or even months.

Last year the Spring Creek still flooded twice but the floodwall from twenty sixteen helped. Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins who attended the press conference supported the restore Pennsylvania plan. The infrastructure improvement is worth four point five billion dollars. Michael pipe also said although he is optimistic about the plan it will increase the safety, security, and resiliency of center county. He also adds the money the country has to invest in will eventually pay off in the future.