Bellefonte vs Penns Valley Girls Soccer Game

Morgan Smith

The girls soccer team takes on Bellefonte Thursday 9/5/19 at home. Last year the girls were able to beat the lady raiders both at home and away. The team worked together to beat them and becoming number one in the Mountain League. Bellefonte has been slight competition in the past will the Lady Rams be able to beat them?

The Lady Rams are able to work well together and connect passes to get in passed the defense. Hannah Montminy and Katie Martell are able to break ankles right in front of the goal and score. The ladies will just have to watch the offsides trap Bellefonte likes to play often. They will also have to keep tight defense on Mallorie Smith due to the fact that she is able to pull some amazing moves to get around the defense and take shots on goal. I believe the Lady Rams will be able to win if they communicate as a team.

The Lady Rams beat the Lady Raiders 6-1. The game was difficult at times when they were caught offsides a few times due to the defensive trap. The ladies were able to put the ball in behind the defense and scoring. The Lady Rams defense was able to prevent Mallorie from scoring on every attempt but one which was the only goal The Lady Raiders got.

This leaves the lady Rams with a record of 1-2 but this is only the start to the season. With a good team chemistry The Lady Rams could have another good season. The girls have three games next week; On Monday they play at Tyrone, On Wednesday they play Huntington at home and, on Saturday the play at Midwest. Come out and support The Lady Rams throughout the season so you can see what I am talking about!