Junior High Football – Behind the Scenes


Thursday’s game for Junior high Football game-      I am also a manager for the Junior high football team. We fill up the water cases for the boys. We do stats which keep track of the plays, who was the ball carrier and how many yards they make or lose. We get to travel with the boys on away games. We also fix the boys football equipment if something breaks.  Some times us managers get to be in charge of the equipment that the boys use. We are at every practice and every game.

The team consists of about 25 players. This is a lot of players compared to the amount of players that have been on the team for the past few years. There are so many players this year that we had to have a A and B team.

We have had 2 games so far. Our first game we won and our second game we lost. Our B team won 8 to 6. Our second game which was A team lost. The final score was 6 to 12. It was not too bad because we only lost by one touch down.Our next game is away and we are going against Bald Eagle this Thursday 9/12. Hopefully we win on both A and B team. The reason why I hope that we win is because the second game that we lost the boys weren’t happy that they lost at the end of the game. We have had pretty good practices. They have been going over the plays so they know what play to do for the next games. They have been practicing codes for plays. They also have been practicing what their positions. We have quite a few players this year.