Penns Valley Girls Volleyball Interview


Tara Whitman, Writer

About the interviewee:

Last week I pulled aside Madelin Sasserman, number 17 on the court, and asked her questions about the Penns Valley Girls upcoming volleyball season. Sasserman plays two positions, right side and middle, both being hitters. Her love for the game has developed over the past three years of her volleyball career as she’s made friends and memories with the team. Sasserman’s favorite team memories come from the laughs and good times of eating together before games in the foods room. I asked Madelin to describe the team in one word and she confidently responded with, “encouraging”. The future of this years team and new players looks highly positive with a lot of special potential to grow together.

Behind the scenes:

So far, the teams statistics are 1:1, not bad for the beginning of the season. However, those numbers will change as the girls face against Bald Eagle tonight at 7 away and another away game at Clearfield on Thursday. Madelin is especially excited for tonights game saying it will be a good game as both teams show a lot of talent. The girls are hoping to have the support of their fellow peers in the student section to bring some Penns Valley school spirit to the Bald Eagle area.

A look inside the team:

An average volleyball practice consists of drills, running, and talking strategy. Throughout the summer and into the school year the girls have run a lot, and it’s safe to say they are 100% in shape and ready for whatever this season holds. Although each player has their strengths and weaknesses, the team stands together and encourages each other to do their very best every day. This years Penns Valley Girls Volleyball team is without a doubt strong, determined, and prepared for the rest of the season. Good luck ladies!