Why Awareness Games are Important

High schools around the country host awareness games for almost all sports during their season. The sports teams all love the idea of hosting these awareness games to help support what so many people are trying to fight. These awareness games help raise money, make people come together in the community to help support these people who are fighting or were fighting these diseases, and bring the topic to attention for help and support. Penns Valley doesn’t have many awareness games for sports and we believe that should be changed. I talked to different athletes from Penns Valley and asked them “Do you think it is important to have an awareness game every year? Why?” Hannah Montminy commented “Yes because it goes beyond just the sports we play. Not only are we athletes but we are members of the community so it is important for us to use our sports as a platform to spread awareness and make a difference.” Jadyn Butler also mentioned, “Yes, I think awareness games are very important because it is always a way to support our community. We get to raise money for those families who are struggling and that is a great feeling.” Another athlete Hailey Coursen stated, “Yes, I believe this is because even if you support the same cause or organization each year its still drawing attention to it and raising money for it. Also, if it happens to be an awareness game for a disease, it honors those who have passed from it, who have survived, and who are fighting it.” The next questions I asked this group of athletes was, “Why do you think it is important to have these type of games?” Hannah answered with, “It brings the community together and by spreading awareness, it helps people work towards a common goal.” Jadyn replied with, “I think it is important because it brings everyone together and supports a family or families who need support.” Hailey also commented, “I think it’s super important, especially for students. It teaches us to be more compassionate and care for those around us.” The last question I asked this group was “do you think all sports should have these awareness games?” Everyone said yes because of how much it will help families and how much it can affect not just the players or family but the whole community. Overall athletes at Penns Valley High School believe that every sport should have some kind of awareness game.  

Penns Valley Lady Rams softball team plays pink out game against West Branch.