The Winter of 2020

Hannah Denger, Writer

What is your ideal winter? A lot of snow with negative temperatures and no school? Or is it no snow and higher temperatures? Well, we will be ready for this winter because the farmers almanac is predicting a harsh, stereotypical winter.

This winter of 2019 – 2020, is being described as “wet and wild” by the Farmers Almanac. They are warning Pennsylvania that they are going to receive below normal winter temperatures.  These frosty and snowy days will make it feel like a very long winter, lasting until the end of March.

Not only will this winter bring piles and piles of snow, but also sleet, hail and ice that will cause slick conditions. Meteorologists are warning people to take caution this winter on the roads. Driving too fast on non treated roads can cause dangerous situations. The snow overload will cause dangerous situations on the roads in the east, so it is important for all drivers to take it slow, and if possible, stay off the roads during storms.

As winter is starting to approach, it is good to know what to expect, especially if it will impact the school year. Some of the students here at Penns Valley High School were asked about how they feel on the upcoming winter. Senior Cassondra Ulmanic states, “I cannot wait for this winter. I am excited to go outside in the snow and have days off of school when the weather gets bad, but I am not looking forward to the dangerous road conditions.” Another Penns Valley student comments, “I am not looking forward to the snowy and cold winter we are going to face. Can we just fast forward to the warm weather and blue skys?”

Winter is slowly creeping up, but it will be here before you know it so be prepared and take precautions.