Cutting Down Plastic

This picture shows a couple products that the Loop Grocery Service uses.

This picture shows a couple products that the Loop Grocery Service uses.

Legacy Osborn

By 2050, plastics are expected to outweigh fish in the ocean. Debris in our oceans are causing marine life to choke. Our air, water, and soil are getting into our bodies with potential consequences that we may not know yet. 

Customers are demanding more eco-friendly packaged products, and Loop is responding to that request. As people are becoming more informed about climate change and the impact that pollution has on our earth, they are becoming more willing to help make a change. 

Our earth is dying, and we need to make lifestyle changes, fast. One way you can help cut down plastic use is by using reusable water bottles, straws, and grocery bags. 

Loop is a company that brings reusable packaging to grocery stores. Loop is similar to the old “milkman model”, where the products are delivered to your door at the same time the empties are picked up. COnsumers can order goods from the Loop website or that of a partner and have them delivered like traditional products ordered online. 

This entire process is handled by TerraCycle, from sale and delivery to package return and cleaning. Eventually, Loop will expand to include brick- and- mortar retailers. Tesco and Carrefour in Europe have signed on and expect to introduce loop products in their stores later this year. 

In the in-store version, consumers can bring empties back in a QR- embedded container provided by Loop. 

Terracycle said, “We realized that recycling and using recycled content is about trying to do the best you can with waste, but it’s not solving the foundational reason we have waste. We did a lot of reflection on that and realized that the foundational cause of garbage is disposability and single-use. We tried to come up with a way to solve for disposability but maintain the virtues of disposability, which are convenience and affordability.” 

How does it work? Shop in the Loop store, receive your order in a Loop tote, request a free pick up, and then loop will clean and refill your products.