State College Football Coming to Beaver Stadium

On Saturday the State College Lions are headed into Beaver Stadium for their high school football game over the weekend. The lions faced Cumberland Valley at 12 pm Saturday in the stadium. The lions are having a good season with guarantees to make a playoff run later this season. This event is very exciting because not many teams get the chance to play in Beaver Stadium. Fans from all over are planning on going to support the hometown team Lions.

Some of the fans have been contemplating on going to the game or not though. People are saying that ticket prices are too high. People are wondering if they will have to pay for parking. Also people are wondering if the concession stands will be as expensive as they are for the college games hosted in Beaver Stadium. These are all problems that have been addressed by the public in happy valley. Others have mentioned things about them messing up the field. Also the time of kickoff being 7 hours earlier than high school football games usually are, has become a problem for some fans and family members.

There has been some concern about the security at the game as well. At the college games they have metal detectors and security guards all over the place to protect the people at the games. Fans and family want to know if they are going to have to get “searched” before they walk into the games, but in all honesty they need to protect the players and the stadium itself since in the past their has been multiple bomb threats on the stadium etc. Come on out and support you local football team the State College Lions take on Cumberland Valley.