Loyal, Loving Souls

Senior pets will give you loyalty and companionship in return for your love.

Senior pets will give you loyalty and companionship in return for your love.

Eryn Dutrow, Author

Despite the protests of our hearts and how much we try to deny it – one day, the animals that we grew holding and loving on our best days and our worst days will grow to be old and grey in the face. November recognizes this and has been awarded “National Senior Pet” and “National Adopt a Senior Pet” month to help raise awareness of the many hearts of gold that need love for the rest of their lives. 

In Centre County alone, there are over 5 pet shelters that are home to many pets who need homes. Adoption fees for senior animals are normally lower than those of puppies or kittens to enhance their ability to find forever homes – but many still remain in these shelters. Despite the adoption process being (usually) quite simple, animals of all ages but mainly senior animals are left unadopted every year. Senior animals usually require less exercise on a daily basis but sometimes require more attention in terms of medical needs. 

Senior pets are great companions, for those young with mental or physical disabilities who just need a friend or for those that are old and are not capable of meeting the physical needs of a younger animal. Older pets are also more likely to be trained than a puppy which can mean that the owner will not have to be so hands-on after adoption. Adopting a senior pet will most likely save its life as 2.7 million animals in shelters are euthanized annually, most being senior pets. 

The overall message is that senior pets are companions that will always be there for you despite how long you have owned them. If you show them the love that they crave so longingly for, they will give you their love and unwavering respect for the rest of their lives. November is recognized as National Senior Pet and “National Adopt a Senior Pet” month but every month is a great month to adopt (or even foster) a senior pet to give them the love and life they deserve with the little time they have left to enjoy it.