American Thanksgiving


The first Thanksgiving occurred in November 1621. The Pilgrims’ had their first successful corn harvest and wanted to celebrate, they did so with a feast in which they invited some Native American allies. This soon became a tradition they continued to have, the second celebration was in 1623. You can read more about the history of Thanksgiving at

Now, Americans all over the United States celebrate this holiday. It brings families together and is a good break from work and school. Thanksgiving dinner is full of laughs, memories and a bunch of great food. When senior Grace Bressler was asked what her favorite part of Thanksgiving, her response was simply, “Food!”

The food at Thanksgiving is loved by people all over America. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are just a few of the foods enjoyed by Americans everywhere. Many families have their own traditions and form their own recipes for these foods.

The Thanksgiving Parade always ends with the Santa Claus float to make kids cheer because Christmas is soon.

The Thanksgiving Day Macys Parade is something that many kids look forward to when they wake up on Thanksgiving morning. The parade lines the streets of New York City and is viewed by millions across the country.

Thanksgiving also is a big day for football fans everywhere. Some of the games to look forward to this Thanksgiving evening are the Bears vs. the Lions, the Bills vs. the Cowboys, and the Saints vs. the Falcons. This continues the tradition that the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys have to host a game on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time to look into yourself and ask yourself what are you thankful for. Whether it’s something small or big, it is something that means a lot to you and you are thankful that is it in your life.