Christmas Traditions


Christmas is said to be one of the most celebrated holidays out off of the holidays. Christmas is a product of hundreds of years different religious traditions from all around the world. Millions of assorted colored lights are hung anywhere you can think of, millions of evergreen tress are cut down every year, millions of ginger bread houses are built and decorated, millions of cookies are made and decorated, and so much more is done during this holiday season! Different religions celebrate Christmas in different ways. Christians celebrate it as the birth of Jesus Christ, so you will see a lot of manager scene decorations in their houses.

Gift giving is another huge part of the Christmas season. Black Friday is a huge sale in a bunch of different stores where you can buy everything and anything you can think of for a good price or a lowered cost. Stores and companies love the Christmas season because thats when they make their big bucks. Gifts don’t always have to be purchased so can be made or found or anything, a gift can really be anything.

A common dispute you find around Christmas time is when to start listening to the so loved Christmas music! Some people begin listening to Christmas before Thanksgiving, some wait until the day after and some just wait until a few days before, depends on how much Christmas spirit you have! One more thing that makes the holiday so loved by so many people is snow! It covers the trees and the ground and make everything so pretty! All the lights and decorations make the season so vibrant and enjoyable to everyone. The count is on until Christmas day and then we get to take all the decorations and pretty lights down and prepare for next year!