Christmas Holiday


Everyone should know the true meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is when you spend time with family and it is about love. Every year my friends and my family always get together and we make Christmas cookies to share. We will normally take them to other members of our family.

Something else we do to show the true meaning of Christmas is we always have a tradition that we always decorate the tree together. Things that go with a tree are normally Christmas presents, and my family draws a name from the hat,  and the name that we get is what we have to make for that person and why you appreciate them for. It could either be a hand made gift or a written letter for the person that we got.

We also have a huge Christmas party at my grams house. This is when my mom’s siblings come over and we split the list from our Christmas list. When we go to our grams house, the presents that we got we pass them out to our family members. We all wait until everyone has at least one present. My favorite part is that we all get to spend time together in the same house doing some things together.

So for my family, the true meaning of Christmas to me is love and spending time together. It is not always about the presents. It is about who you love and care for. My family might not be perfect but they are perfect for me.