So, you found out Christmas is just around the corner, and that is the funnest and most jolly holiday of the year. During the holiday month of December, Christmas shopping and decorating is all being done. People have also been going to get Christmas decorations and trees to get set up for the holidays. What we have done for Christmas, we have done our Christmas shopping and made some cookies for the Christmas Eve Party with our grandfather. Then after that, we go to church on Christmas Eve and then spend Christmas Eve at our grandparents house. When we do that, we have cookies and other types of good snacks. After that, we then go through our stockings and see what we got and then we take it out and play with some of the cool gifts. Then, we usually wish it would snow on Christmas Eve, so we can have a cool white Christmas and then it would look cooler. The next morning, we have a butterbraid danish breakfast and some grapefruit along with it. Then, we open our presents and play Christmas music along with it, which makes the holiday more fun and festive.

After that, we usually go and see a movie and have a Christmas dinner which is ham, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. Then, we play with some of the cool toys that we get and also use some of the cooler things too. We make sure we set up a Christmas tree and have our presents under the Christmas tree and have the Christmas lights on as well. Then, the Christmas season is officially over and then we move on to go and get ready for the New Year. That is what we do on December 24th and 25th for Christmas Eve and Day.