if its real its evergreen

Grogan, a Christmas tree farmer in Oregon, has his own Christmas tree farm. He says the best part about Christmas is picking a Christmas tree the whole family agrees with. Oregon produces the most Christmas trees in the US.  Gorgan said he was watched half of the Christmas tree farms disappear in the last decade. Small farms aren’t getting as much business and more because most people are going to home depot to buy a tree. A seedling takes 8-10 years to grow to an average size. 25 million evergreens are harvested every year. The new generation is picking artificial trees over real trees because they are easier to take care of and put away. You don’t have to water your tree or clean up the needles. Artificial trees are becoming more and more realistic each year. You can also buy them with already strung lights. Instead of spending $50 each Christmas for a real tree you can spend $100 1 year and keep your artificial tree as many years as you would like. People who get Christmas spirit early pick an artificial tree because they can set their tree up Thanksgiving weekend. 75% of Americans own an artificial Christmas tree. When they were asked why most answered with someone in their house has an allergy to a real tree. An Instagram campaign is being started by Christmas tree farmers called “It’s Christmas. Keep it real”. Real trees after Christmas can be chopped up and turned to mulch or firewood. On the other hand, artificial trees will eventually end up in a landfill.