KFC makes State College News Headlines


In December of 2019 to January of 2020, the KFC that was just put into State College has caused quite the craze recently. The traffic was so bad to get into the KFC one day they had traffic men put out there to evade the uproar of the people trying to get through the intersection. This was all so interesting because just a couple of years ago there was a KFC and that one went out of business because nobody ate there. But now all of a sudden there is a craze for KFC and the place is packed full every time I drive by there. This Traffic jam also continued for a couple of weeks and was causing many people problems. But most loved it because they got ot eat at KFC and most people gave the food amazing reviews on yelp. The place is still going strong in February of 2020 with customers in there at all hours that they are open. But even though the Traffic Jam was in a place other businesses in the near area of the KFC maintained the same amount of customers and some even got more because of this craze.

Although Little Caesars did go out of business just a little before the KFC was done being built. On top of that for how quickly the KFC was done, it is a rather large facility that can house many people at a time it was built in a matter of a few months, but it’s huge!