PV Football During Covid-19 Through a Players Eyes


Seth Baney on the football field wearing his varsity jacket

Over the past weekend, I sat down with Seth Baney, a senior who is number forty on the Penns Valley High School football team, and I interviewed him to see what his perspective is on this year’s football season. We spoke about his position and his thoughts on spectators coming to the game.  Here’s what he has to say on the topic at hand.

I asked Baney what his position is on the team, and he responded “I am running back on offense and safety on defense.” A running back is to receive the hand offs from the quarterback. Safety is the last line of defense. I also asked Baney if he enjoys his positions. He stated, “I have been playing my positions for years and I have slowly gotten better at them. I enjoy both of the positions I play.”

When I interviewed Baney, I questioned how he felt about only senior parents being able to attend games. He said, “I do feel that the senior parents, if anyone, should be the ones who are able to attend and watch the team because it’s their child last year in high school.” He wishes others could come but because of the circumstances, we have to work with what we got.

Following up on the last question, I asked if he thought it was fair for only senior parents to come. He answered, “It’s, not the fairest thing but unfortunately with the events taking place because of Covid-19 it was the most we could do.” We all wish we could all go but the safety protocols for Covid-19 are not allowing more than  250 per event at the moment, which includes the players, coaches, cheerleaders, etc.

I asked Baney whether he would like to have a handful of spectators or none at all to make it fair. He responded, “I would rather have a handful of people because I will be able to have people cheering for my team and I.” Football teams love to have fans’ support during a game.

Lastly, I asked what he thinks will happen for the rest of this year’s season, he said, “I’m hoping that when the season continues more people will be able to come and watch the games to support the team. I hope things will go back to normal before this year’s season ends.”