How Normal Will the School Year Get?


Daniel Kelly

Everybody is starting to adjust to the rules of COVID, but how will we react when the old normal comes back and phases out the new normal?

Many events have already been canceled or changed this year already: fewer spectators for sports, one-way hallways in school, and a possibly modified homecoming if at all. All of these have started to feel like normal at this point. Most people don’t even notice the hallways anymore and just go with the flow.

Once COVID goes away, and we don’t have to wear masks, how will everybody feel? The idea of it seems so foreign at this point. It was an adjustment period to start wearing them all day long and it’ll be another one to stop wearing them. It would almost make more sense to keep the rules in for a longer period of time or to slowly faze out the masks instead of just stopping using them one day and stopping cold turkey.

Penns Valley High School would be a more dangerous place if the masks came off all at once because of Penn State. The staff and faculty have the ability to control the students and what they interact with during the schoolday, but afterward, there is no way to know who went where. Students could go to State College or Downtown and not wear masks and possibly get sick without knowing it.

Mask usage is a must for the foreseeable future and might be longer than any of us are expecting.

Rules of COVID-19 on Penn State campus