Student Teaching During COVID


When you are in your senior year, you have the opportunity to intern with different teachers, if you plan on pursuing that career path. Cydnee Witter, 17, is a senior at Penns Valley. She is currently student teaching 3rd graders at the Penns Valley Elementary School. I decided to ask her about her choice, and how COVID is affecting younger kids in the district. “It is good to experience what you could be doing for a job in the future,” she says. “This is a good way to see if you actually enjoy it.”

Like many kids our age, teachers influence us immensely. Some, like Cydnee, even consider pursuing teaching as a career path. “I am interning with a third grade class. I plan on teaching kindergarten during the second semester and hopefully end up working as an elementary teacher,” she explains. “I really enjoy going over there almost everyday and teach the kids.”

Obviously, it is important for a teacher to genuinely enjoy their jobs. It helps kids immerse themselves in the lesson, at any age. “Not only are they learning what I am teaching, but they are also teaching me in a way. I will for sure follow down that path, it makes my day getting to go over there.”

Although Cydnee enjoys her student teaching gig, COVID is still affecting things. “I am not able to do small group teaching due to the social distancing requirement. They take a ten minute mask break at certain parts of the day. Now that they wear masks, you have to listen very carefully on what they are saying.”

Even though COVID is still affecting Penns Valley as a whole, we must look ahead to the future for making a better one. We also must thank our teachers for everything they do and appreciate them teaching us during these crazy times. And, if you want to be like Cydnee and student teach, you can always visit Mrs. Martin and figure something out for student teaching. Good luck to all the young student teachers out there.