Penns Valley Goes Remote


Ben Sharer

Well it was only a matter of time before it happened, Penns Valley Area High School has gone fully remote until December 7, 2020 as of now. Starting on Monday the 23 of November the High School in Centre County started doing fully remote online learning from school. As a rise of positive COVID-19 cases spread throughout the school the necessary actions were made to protect the safety of students and staff and so on Friday, November 20, the principal of the school district announced the students were to be on remote learning until December 1, 2020. However, this date was changed until December 7th.

Penns Valley was not the only Centre County school to shut down, neighboring schools such as Bald Eagle and Bellefonte. Rumors have spread of the school staying remote until the end of the December holiday season, as that would make the most sense. Holiday break is set to start on December the 22nd so this leaves many students asking why send the students back for such a short period of time, it seems to be high risk and low reward for many students. A lot of concerns with staying remote and doing online school is that there is a large amount of students that do not have any access to internet or WiFi at all in their homes, this is very common in Penns Valley along with neighboring schools on Centre County. I can tell you from personal experience that I find it way more helpful to be taught lessons in person than while we are all online in remote learning. How does going online make you feel?