FID up with Snow Days


The end of last year we were introduced to online learning. This has lead to there not being days off due to snow. At the beginning of this year we were introduced to FID days which are days that count as school but you don’t come to school you just do your work at home. The state only allows the school to have five of these days per year. Penns Valley used all of there FID days for this year. What a FID day looked like at Penns Valley was you would get a list of assignments from your teachers and those assignments were due within three days of the FID day. If you were to not complete them then you were marked as absent for that day. Personally I liked the FID days because it allowed me to wake up whenever I wanted and it allowed me to do my assignments at my own time.

Once Penns Valley ran out of FID days you would think that the school would give you a normal snow day. No, the school comes up with another plan and its to make each student zoom from there house. I personally have mixed feelings about this because I like that graduation isn’t being moved back but I don’t like that I have to be on a zoom call from 8:07-2:35 for that day. “I think that it is a creative solution to avoid having school in the summer where students are often less motivated” stated  Mr. Farley. How do you feel about the virtual learning days from home?