Is Penns Valley better off than other schools?

Is Penns Valley Area School District better off than other schools? Some might say that Penns Valley is thriving during a global pandemic, and others might say that Penns Valley is doing poorly during these tough times. The fact is no school was quite prepared for the spread of Covid 19. Some schools like Penns valley were very prepared for online learning. Other schools like lewisburg where not so well off, their school year got delayed to weeks because of not being ready for all the new regulations and systems for the 2020-2021 school year.

Penns Valley has done a very well job of integrating technology into everyday learning. Altho there have been ups and downs with keeping students in person, the students have been given the opportunity to be in person full time or online full time. This has worked out well because everyone who needs in person learning is free to be in school without fear of running out of space due to social distance. Other schools however have forced everyone on zoom or everyone in person. This is unfortunate because they cant accommodate the various learning styles of the students.

Penns Valley has been very strict on Covid 19 rules, more strict than other schools. Some of the rules include wearing a mask properly at all times (except at lunch), following the one way rule in the halls and social distancing. These rules have helped to slow the spread of Covid with moderate success.

Although Penns valley has kept its doors open to students, its still learning how to function during Covid like many schools. Everyone just need to be patient and know that things will get better.