UFC 260

Stipe Miocic is fighting for his 5th title defense tomorrow night against Francis Ngannou. Ngannou is trying to hold onto his 4 fight winning streak, and is trying to avenge his loss to Miocic back in January of 2018. Ngannou has knocked out his last 4 opponents within a combined 3 minutes. The key points for Miocic victory will to be to withstand Ngannous first storm of thunderous punches. The intensity and pressure that Ngannou forces upon his opponents usually will crumble them within the first round.

Stipe must keep his distance and use his long arms to keep him at distance. Miocic should also be searching for a takedown and quickly take Francis out of his element. Miocic being the better grappler will gain judging points as well as tire out his opponent and cut his gas tank early. He must also look to keep the fight more technical as Francis has recently been awarded the worlds strongest punch. If Miocic sticks to his training, keep composed, and focus on tiring Ngannou out whenever he gets the chance, then he will take home the belt.

Francis on the other hand should focus on laying the pressure on Miocic, and forcing him against the cage. Francis being the monstrous human being he is, he will have the size advantage as well as the power advantage so a physical brawl, trading punch for punch with the champ will be in his favor. Tonight will be a true battle of giants, and the returning champ will be searching for another defense, while the predator searches to dethrone the kings.