2021 Golf Season

When people think about sports at Penns Valley High School, they usually think of football or soccer. But no one thinks about the golf team. 6 years ago, Chris Dobson took over the head coaching position of the golf team and has had a good outcome with the competition each year.

As a member of the golf team since 7th grade, I can say that being a part of the Penns Valley golf team has been a very enjoyable experience. I’ve learned so much from not only my coach, but from others as well. The members at the Mountain View Country Club, where we practice, are always nice and offer much support for everyone. I’ve also made so many friends along the way. From being a manager and helping the upperclassmen, to playing against girls from other schools. I’ve had very good competition within the girls in my district play.

This year, there are only two girls on the girls golf team, me and Sophie Mcmurtrie, a sophomore who just started this year. I have been the number one player for the past three years now and Sophie started as the sixth but quickly made her way to the fourth spot, as she keeps improving at each match. On the boys team, we have Cameron Kubalak, Richie Butler, Hayden Feltenburger, Wessley, Calvin, and our manager who’s in eighth grade, Joe.

I am currently the only girl going to sectionals this year which will take place in Altoona area on September 30th. No boys have made it this year.