Rain Storm hits Penns Valley

Penns valley was in a disaster emergency once rain struck in Penns valley causing roads to close and flooding. Rain always has a problem in Penns valley because when we get a big storm it floods and most of the water flows to Coburn because it is the lowest part in Penns valley. Rain has a big impact on the school as well. The last storm we just had was a big one that rained all night and all day, flooding the creeks, streams, and pounds.
I talked to Paige Dobson, a junior class man, about how she had a soccer game that day and they had to sit inside and wait to see if it stopped. The rain did not go away, so they were ready to play but then it caused a cancellation. The rain had a bad impact that day on everyone. People’s houses flooded and ruined because of the inches and inches of rain.
Rain can also have a positive impact on Penns valley because of the many farms and many crops. The rain can help the roots grow and help the plants be healthy.
Aaronsburg was hit the hardest with up to 5.42 inches of rain. Everyone had problems getting around with almost all roads being closed due to the creeks flooding over onto the road. Most of the bridges were flooded so you could not drive over them. The next day it was sunny as all the roads were open and back to normal since I have lived in Penns valley. I think this was the worst flood storm I have experienced.