Community Inspiring Change


The community of Penns Valley recently hosted an event for the “Hope Fund”. The Hope Fund is a Christian-based and non-profit organization based in Penns Valley. The Hope Fund stands for “helping other people every day” and is 100% volunteer-based. The organization’s main goal is to financially help families of Penns Valley who are facing medical or personal challenges and are unable to afford treatments and other necessities.  

This event took place during a Penns Valley volleyball game this past week, the volunteers had gift baskets that could be raffled off by purchasing tickets and were all donated by members and business owners of the community. The volunteers this week gave speeches in remembrance of a teammate’s father who was the Vice President of the hope foundation as well as other families they have helped in the past.  The volunteers then went into detail about what their mission is and what they strive to do. The volunteers then lead the fans and teams in a moment of silence for all families facing a crisis at this time.

Members of the Penns Valley volleyball team say that they believe the hope fund is very important because some people have too much “pride” to ask for help in the community, and with the hope fund the help can be kept “low-key” creating more opportunities for those who would normally not reach out. The Hope Fund has donated more than 600,000 dollars to local families in crisis since 2008 and plans to exceed this amount in the future.