pennsvalleymemes Review

Pennsvalleymemes is an Instagram page that is not affiliated with the high school in any way. It posts comedic memes about the school and funny events that occur. Most of the student body supports the page, while some think some posts can be conflicting. I interviewed people around the school about the account.

“I think at first it was an account for funny memes but now it is controversial and bad things come from it” – Kailen Winklelblech

“I think that some of them are funny, it causes some drama and controversy though” – Ellie Brinker.

“It’s cool” – Cammie Upcraft.

The student ran account has 1,018 followers as of now. The student body has started a goose chase to find the owner of the account, but this has been a complete failure and nothing has turned up.

“I think it’s pretty funny, we will never figure out who runs it” – Andrew Boob.

Some teachers are in support of PennsValleyMemes while others do not like it. “As long as it isn’t being rude or disrespectful to anyone, I think it is a humorous way to connect with the school and student body.” – Mr. Farley.