Woodward Camp

If you are looking for a good time and are interested in skateboarding, BMX, scooters, cheer-leading, gymnastics, and many more fun things I recommend going to Woodward camp. Woodward camp is an amazing place to go and do the things you enjoy. There are summer camps you can attend that start in June and end in August. Pick one or more of the 12 weeks in the summer to attend Woodward camp for the best experience of your life. Throughout the year there are weekend getaways and community rides you can attend. There are many Woodward locations around the U.S There are a total of 10 in North America. There are 1 in Pennsylvania, there are 2 in Organ, There are 2 in California, There are 2 in Utah, There is 1 in Vermont, There are 2 in Colorado. The original Woodward is in Pennsylvania and we live right next to it. Woodward is a place to have fun, make memories and make new friends from all over the world. Woodward is a place to learn new tricks and be better at what you do. I can´t say much about the other locations I have only been to the one in Pennsylvania but it is a cool place to go. The workers and the counselors are so nice and treat you so nicely. Woodward is all about having fun learning new tricks, new flips etc…  If you are looking for something to do over the summer, a weekend there is a weekend getaway or even a community ride check out Woodward camp PA.