Christmas Season Weather


Temperatures this December have been warmer than most Decembers here in Centre County. The weather this week has been a high of 61 on Thursday and a low of 38 on Sunday. 

This change in temperature and weather has really made me feel weird with it being December and Christmas being just 2 weeks away. I feel like I’m not in the Christmas mood as much with this change in winter weather. 

I do not like the cold weather, but I think that it is odd that the weather is not matching the time of year. I would like some snow so I can go out and go sled with my friends and enjoy the winters we get here in PA.

“I wish it was snowing, I love the snow.” Says Julia Emel. 

I asked other students how they felt about this change and Nikki Denger said, ¨I’m mad, I want snow. I think it’s outrageous because it should be snowing or at least cold in December.”

Wintertime is something special here in Central PA and is something just about everyone enjoys here. Whether it is going out hunting in the white woods, or just going out and spending time with friends and family out in the snow. Snow is something that brings everyone together and puts everyone in the Christmas mood. 

With all of that being said I think that this weather has really made me feel like a scrooge this holiday season. I keep thinking that we have way more time until it is Christmas but it is only 2 weeks away! I hope that it snows at some point this December.