Spreading the Love


Paige Musser

Leah Meyer, Junior at Penns Valley, cuts out over 1200 hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her peers! On Friday, February 11, 2022, Leah Meyer, Paige Musser, Kailen Winkleblech, Sammie Snider, and Mason Greene moved quickly through the halls of Penns Valley Area High School posting paper hearts on everyone’s lockers for the upcoming holiday!

The team used tape, paper, and lots of time to get the job done. “We just want to spread the love!” Leah Meyer said.

Mr. Bradley Baldwin was in awe of the gesture and rewarded the students with RAMS points. Many other teachers commented on the actions of the group explaining that they think it’s sweet and that we need more love here at Penns Valley.

There are many variations of the origin of Valentine’s Day and we will likely never know the true roots of the day. However, many stories have been said to relate to the Romans in AD. Claudius II, emperor of Rome, had banned marriage because he viewed it as a flaw while single men could focus better on war and being good soldiers. St. Valentine in thought that this was unfair helped to arrange marriages in disbelief that this was right. When he was caught, he was sentenced to death, fell in love with a woman in jail, and left her with a note signed “from your Valentine.” We use Valentine’s Day as a day to commemorate St. Valentine and all of the others who had suffered from the lack of love from a significant other.