Get involved

Do you need something to do this upcoming spring like a sport? Join softball, They are always looking for new people to join! We practice everyday right after school. Jh practices on the field behind the practice football fields and varsity practices on the field behind the school by the back parking lot. Also This upcoming year for softball you need to wear softball pants and either a gray, white or blue t-shirt for practices that represent our school colors. Also if miss 1 practice you won’t be able to play 1 inning, if you miss 2 practice you don’t get to play half the innings, you miss 3 you just won’t be able to play at all that game that day And if you miss 4 practice your kicked off the team. So if you just like to skip your sports practice then softball isn’t for you or maybe you just shouldn’t skip practices unless it’s for an actual reason. Softball is a great way to get outdoors and spend time with your friends, softball is also a good way to exercise and develop leadership skills. All you need is really just a glove, bat, cleats and helmet to start out, softball gear Click this link to see more of the prices and everything else you might need to join softball. If you are interested in doing softball this year you will need to maintain good grades because if you are failing more than two classes you will not be able to play until you get your grades back up, the reason for that is because sometime we have to leave school early to go to away games so that means you might miss some of your class time. If you are looking for a spring sport I think softball would be great and beneficial for you to do this upcoming season. I talked to one of the upcoming softball players and they said “I can’t wait to get back on the field and win.” This year softball coaches for varsity are Terry Bumgradner And for jh Jaron Cunrod. We hope to see you at softball this season!