Future of Football


Many people were shocked about the Los Angeles Rams recent Super Bowl win. They beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23 to 20, scoring the winning touchdown at the end of the 4th quarter.  This was the Rams first Superbowl win since the year 2000. Many people think that with their excelling roster, the Rams are well secured for the foreseeable future, but some disagree. Many teams have made either leadership changes or changes to their roster that may make the 2022-2023 season interesting. 

           In the AFC West division, the Las Angeles Chargers boast about their young QB, Justin Hubert. Justin Hubert played college football for the Oregon Ducks where he won the 2019 Pac 12 championship and was named MVP in the 2020 Rose Bowl. But even with this young quarterback, will the Chargers have what it takes to win the LVll Super Bowl trophy?

   Both the Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos have new head coaches. For the Broncos it is former Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who is the 18th in Franchise History. For the Raiders it is Josh McDaniels, after being with the Patriots for 18 years. I interviewed a Broncos fan and asked what they thought about the trade of the head coach Vic Fangio for the new coach Nathaniel Hackett. He replied, “ This may be a great decision or a horrible mistake. I believe that with this new coach we will get our 4th Superbowl to win. But, this is football, you will never know what may happen.” I agree with him on that. This is football, and this is America, the only constant here in change. 

           Many people love football and track their team throughout the football season, and coming from a football player, next season is going to be an interesting one. With the many changes made to the coaching staff and to the roster, this upcoming year is going to be fun for the fans, hard for the teams, and impossible to miss.