Penns Valley’s Easter Break


A cute bunny holding a note saying “happy Easter”.

Everyone at Penns Valley is very excited to know that Easter break is upon them. Today, Thursday 14, Penns Valley is starting the break with a two-hour delay then transitioning into being closed for Friday the 15th and Monday the 18th. Everyone in the school is getting antsy as this break is the first one since Christmas back in December.

Easter falls on Sunday the 17th, making it a nice short break for students and teachers alike. Penns Valley doesn’t offer a Spring Break, but the upcoming Easter one helps to make up for it. With the break lasting four days, it gives students a plenty long break to sleep in and also have some fun over the weekend.

Some families will plan to get together on Sunday for Easter and hopefully have a great time! Most teachers don’t plan to give homework over this break due to people traveling. Students have been working very hard to make sure all their work is turned in before break to avoid taking anything home. Teachers are making sure that most tests and projects are all done and accounted for before the break truly begins.

It’s great to see that Penns Valley is giving their students a nice break that they deserve over Easter weekend. Sure it may go fast for some but it’s going to be nice nonetheless. From everyone here on the media team, we wish you all a Happy Easter! We hope it’s great for you and your families all around!