Beginners In Rome


               Rome, the city of pizza. Rome is the capital of Italy. Some neighboring cities are Metana, Frascati, and Marino. Rome is full of great shops, hotels, restaurants, and historical landmarks. If you want to look at other sources here is a blog about Rome:

One of the best places to go is the city center. If you go during the winter you will find lots of Christmas markets, and lots of  mini shops. And whatever you do, fill up on food before Christmas, because everything shuts down. Some stores even shut down days before, and after Christmas. And another tip for shopping. Do not buy things when you are walking later in the day, because you will be carrying it around for hours. Walking is required when going to Rome.  Do not wear heels or any uncomfortable shoes! You should always wear sneakers.  If you don’t, your feet will be numb by the end of the day.  


             If you go to Rome for the first time, with no experience or background information, it will be a culture shock. Let’s first talk about the food. Italian food, in the U.S, is so much different than Italian food in Italy. In the U.S most people cook noodles all the way through, but in Italy they cook them a shorter amount of time so they are al dente. Another food that is completely different is Italian salads. In the U.S, salads are full of all different kinds of dressing and vegetables, but in Italy, all you get is a bowl of lettuce, and olive oil. Weird right? But besides salads, food in Italy is great! They have the best desserts and man do they have great chocolate! You do have to beware of cake, though. Italians stuff their cakes with just about anything. Fruits, nuts, and all different types of filling. And the cake isn’t like a normal cake with frosting and a fluffy texture. It is basically like thick, dense, sweet bread that is stale. 


            Another culture shock is socialization. Italians are very laid back and nonchalant. Sometimes it is a good thing, and sometimes it isn’t. For example; when you go to a restaurant, don’t expect to get fast service because it will take forever. People in Italy take it slow and don’t worry about being late. They get there when they get there. It can be really annoying at times, but don’t stress over it. Another thing with socialization is that people don’t have the same idea of courtesy as we do. If a child is standing up on a bus or metro, a man won’t let them sit in their seat. It’s not that they are being rude, it’s just the way it works. One thing that I will never understand is how much trash Rome has. If you go you should avoid staying directly in Rome because the streets are filled with trash. There are dumpsters everywhere overflowing with garbage. 


              Some amazing historical places that you have to see are the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Trevi Fountain.  The Colosseum is a huge stadium in Rome built in 80 AD. It was originally used for gladiator fights, and animal hunts. You can see where the gladiators got prepared down below the Colosseum. There are lots of restaurants and shops near it that you can also visit. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a bell tower built in 1173. It is next to the Square of Miracles which is a baptistery.  The Tower of Pisa is leaning because of the soil shifting underneath of it. You are not allowed to enter it, but you are allowed to go into the Square of Miracles. If you go on a certain day they might have a staff member sing in the building. The sound is beautiful. It echoes off the walls and lingers around you. The Trevi Fountain is absolutely an amazing thing to sightsee. It was built in 1732. It has a sculpture of Tritan on a shell chariot led by sea horses. You can throw your coin in the fountain and make a wish. The tradition is that you throw a coin over your left shoulder with your right hand. Not only is the Trevi Fountain a beautiful thing to see, it has amazing shops near it. A shop right by the fountain is called Gelato in Trevi. It has amazing gelato and so many different types of flavors.


              Rome is an amazing place to visit,  but not everyone can afford it. It is very expensive to stay there. It is very different compared to a city in the U.S, so if you want a change of scenery and want to travel, Rome would be a great place to visit.