Penns Valley Football Outlook



Photo Creds- Leah Meyer

Chad Hammer

The Penns Valley football team started in August and had two weeks of training camp before their first game against Line Mountain. They won that game 41-13 with a strong performance from the offense as they scored 6 total touchdowns and the defense held the Eagles to 2 touchdowns. They then took on Bellefonte at home with the crowd packed. It was loud and rocking from both sides of the bleachers. Bellefonte took an early lead but Penns Valley blocked a punt right before halftime to get their momentum up despite still being down at halftime. Penns Valley came out motivated in the second half of the game and would shut them out in the second half leaving the field with the score being 34-20. Penns Valley would then look onto Huntingdon and would have a strong performance from Miles Brooks as he score 3 touchdowns and had 8 receptions for 176 yards receiving. Penns Valley would now be 3-0 after beating the Huntingdon Bearcats. Penns Valley moves onto Bald Eagle as it should be their toughest matchup of the year so far. They are looking to get the bell back as it was taken from them last year. They look to improve their run defense from last year as Bald Eagle ran up the middle the whole game. Bald Eagle is fast and versatile but so is Penns Valley so this game will be fast-paced and could be high scoring. Penns Valley fans will need to show out and be loud, for this game will be one of their toughest.