Miles Brook’s Impressive Performance this Season


Miles Brooks is one of the top players in the Mountain League right now putting up impressive numbers on both sides of the ball. He grew up in Rebersburg and is an 18-year-old senior at Penns Valley. He has been playing football since 3rd grade. Brooks is second in the Mountain League right now for most receiving yards putting up 480 in just 7 games. He has also shown his versatility by having 20 solo tackles and 17 assisted tackles giving him a total of 37 tackles as a defensive back. When Brooks was asked to describe the bond between the players he responded, “I would describe the bond as like a family”. He loves how everyone gets along and loves when the teams get a win together. This year was his last senior night game and they played the Conemaugh Valley Blue Jays. Brooks and the Rams were able to pull off a 48-7 win. When asked how he felt about the game he said, “I think it went really well. Everyone did their thing and it was good to get a big win on a senior night”. We asked how he felt about it being his last senior night and he said, “It was hard to accept that it was my last senior night game but it felt nice to get the dub”. He has everything it takes to play football in college and he plans to. He was asked about the next step in his football career and he said “I’m planning on playing football in college so wherever the recruiting process takes me is where I’ll go”. That shouldn’t be an issue considering the numbers he is putting up this season. He has 34 receptions with 8 touchdowns. He has 186 kick return yards, 175 punt return yards, and 480 receiving bringing his all-purpose yards to a total of 841.