What is Halloween?

What is Halloween? Halloween is a holiday on October 31 that happens every year. Halloween isn’t your average holiday though, fear is a big part of it. However, it’s also a day when kids go trick or treating for candy. Both kids and adults dress up as they have a great time at parties, hanging with friends, or trick or treating. Some may go to haunted houses while others may watch a scary movie. 

There are some different parts of Halloween that make it popular. Fear is a big aspect as well as candy. Some people enjoy the thrill of fear and not knowing what is going to happen next. Some people just like eating all the candy they get from it. One quarter of all the candy bought every year is bought for Halloween. Americans also buy almost 600 million pounds of candy each year. As you can see, candy is also a big part of Halloween especially because everyone loves candy. 

Halloween goes deeper than just candy and costumes though, there is a lot of history that goes with it.  Halloween originated from the Celtic festival of Samhein in the UK, France, and Ireland over 2,000 years ago in. People would light bonfires as well as dress up in costumes to scare off ghosts. Us Americans started to adapt this to our culture as we do with a lot of other things as well. Americans would then begin to dress up in costumes just like in the Celtic festival and other parts of the world. They would dress up and go door to door asking for candy or food from parents and the residents of each house. Halloween parties also would become popular during this time for kids and adults. 

Over time, Halloween has evolved into what we know now as a fun holiday where people can enjoy themselves in costumes and be scared or just eat candy.