The Best Time of Year


           As the holiday season approaches, the leaves and snow begin to fall and families come together! As always Thanksgiving comes around in November with Christmas to follow a month later! Many people celebrate differently but a large majority of people get together with family and friends while feasting on food. As the weather gets colder, the aesthetically pleasing stereotype of Christmas begins with jolly music playing and a friendly, warm fire roaring with cookies all around! Before the Christmas season though, Thanksgiving must take place first.

          Thanksgiving this year is on Thursday, November 24th. Typical thanksgiving food includes delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and any other food that gives you that warm feeling! Many people sit at the dinner table making conversation with family about what they were thankful for the past year. Many may even take place in a local turkey trot to burn a few extra calories before their feasting begins.

          After Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season is finally in session. With snowflakes falling and gifts being purchased everyone is in a jolly mood! Christmas is a nice way to end the year where people can celebrate with family and friends. Once again, a nice meal is typically prepared as gifts are constantly being exchanged. The holiday season really does bring people together and spreads joy throughout the world! Not to mention News Year’s day following shortly after the holidays. This allows for a positive ending to the year and bright hope for the next one!